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  • Director: Larissa Behrendt
    Writer: Larissa Behrendt
    Producer: John Harvey, Craig Longman
  • Director: Ivan Sen
    Writer: Ivan Sen
    Producer: David Jowsey, Greer Simpkin
  • Director: Erica Glynn, Beck Cole
    Writer: Kiara Milera, Nakkiah Lui, Adam Briggs, Dylan River, Andy Williams, Karen Edwards, Paul Ryan, Steven Oliver, Ian Zaro
    Producer: Kath Shelper, Mark O’Toole
  • Director: Kelrick Martin
    Writer: Kim Scott
    Producer: Melissa Kelly, Kelrick Martin

Well, for me, the land is the stage. I don’t really refer to it as a character because all the characters play on top of that stage and for me our environment informs who we are and also the decisions we make and that defines us as characters. 

Ivan Sen, Indigenous Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor and Composer. The Iris,, 2016.