• The Mulka Project - Video.

    The name Mulka means a sacred but public ceremony, and, to hold or protect. The mission is to sustain and protect Yol?u cultural knowledge in Northeast Arnhem Land under the leadership of community members. The Mulka production house and archive is managed by Yolngu law, governance and culture. The Mulka Project is actively involved in partnerships with academia, museums and individual researchers with collections and projects significant to our region. We are very keen to get access to any and all text, images, sound and video related to the community and to work with those who can provide relevant training and experience to Yolngu people. (Source: Mulka Project website)

The involvement of Aboriginal people in the making of film and video has increased at such a rate since 1979 that the field can be seen with some hindsight and quantification as a minor social revolution.

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