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  • Director: Steve Jodrell, James Bogle, Aaron Pedersen, Richard Frankland, Catriona McKenzie
    Writer: Dot (Dorothy) West, Beck Cole, Mitch Torres, Des Kootji Raymond, Jane Harrison, Kelly Lefever, Wayne Blair
    Producer: Colin South, Ross Hutchens

In making First Australians it has been common for many to ask why hasn’t this story been told? The truth is these stories have been told, at least in print, by the historians we feature in our series … Although First Australians cannot hope to be as comprehensive as the work of these historians, it will provide the public (in the comfort of their own homes), a taste of the story that remains to be understood. Hopefully it will spark national interest in the people on whose lands we have made our homes.

Rachel Perkins, Indigenous Writer, Director, Producer., 2009.