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  • Director: Romaine Moreton
    Writer: Romaine Moreton
    Producer: John Harvey
  • Director: Kelrick Martin
    Writer: Kelrick Martin
    Producer: Tom Zubrycki
  • Director: Beck Cole, Rachel Perkins
    Writer: Beck Cole, Louis Nowra, Rachel Perkins
    Producer: Darren Dale
  • Director: Dena Curtis
    Writer: Dena Curtis
    Producer: Kath Shelper

To look after cultural knowledge is a huge privilege, actually. I want to fight for that. I want to do my very best job. And I want to be involved in all those issues so we, as Aboriginal people, can nut them out together and detangle what they are and how they affect everyone, so we can work out the best way forward for us. And, hopefully, that will make for a better film.

Darlene Johnson, Indigenous Writer and Director. Screening the Past, 2011.