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  • Director: Wesley Enoch
    Writer: Wesley Enoch
    Producer: Justin Malbon, Owen Johnston
  • Director: Stephen Jones
    Writer: Romaine Moreton
    Producer: Stephen Jones
  • Director: Mitch Torres
    Writer: Mitch Torres
    Producer: Pauline Clague
  • Director: Warwick Thornton
    Writer: Warwick Thornton
    Producer: Rachel Perkins, Penelope McDonald
  • Director: Rima Tamou
    Writer: Rima Tamou
    Producer: Pauline Clague

I think the quality of Indigenous cinema in the last five to ten years, and now with a new kind of commercial cinema like The Sapphires and TV series like Redfern Now and Gods of Wheat Street, it’s opened up Australia a little bit. I’m not too sure how long it’s going to last, I don’t want to be too negative, but it’s definitely opened up a little bit more than it’s ever been. We’ll see...

Wayne Blair, Indigenous Writer, Director, Actor. Huff 2013.