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  • Director: Romaine Moreton
    Writer: Romaine Moreton
    Producer: John Harvey
  • Director: Kelrick Martin
    Writer: Kelrick Martin
    Producer: Tom Zubrycki
  • Director: Beck Cole, Rachel Perkins
    Writer: Beck Cole, Louis Nowra, Rachel Perkins
    Producer: Darren Dale
  • Director: Dena Curtis
    Writer: Dena Curtis
    Producer: Kath Shelper

On commercial filmmaking: Even making a musical out of Bran Nue Dae, there is still content matter in there about Indigenous identity. That is absolutely at the heart of it. So if you want to get something out about that, then most people need to wrap it in something commercial because that is what will get your message further. That’s why I like lighter films that reach big audiences because you have the opportunity to speak to that audience effectively.

Rachel Perkins, Indigenous Writer, Director, Producer. Senses of Cinema, 2017.