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  • Director: Leah Purcell, Rachel Perkins, Wayne Blair, Catriona McKenzie
    Writer: Michelle Blanchard, Danielle MacLean, Jon Bell, Adrian Russell Wills, Steven McGregor
    Producer: Miranda Dear, Darren Dale
  • Director: Wayne Blair
    Writer: Tony Briggs, Keith Thompson
    Producer: Rosemary Blight, Kylie du Fresne

The community still asks about all the members of the film crew to this day. To me, this shows that when things are done in the correct way, an ongoing connection between a community and filmmakers is formed. It shows how those connections become a form of Indigenous resilience for everyone involved. Colonialism has ruptured Indigenous peoples’ lives. I see films such as The Farm as an opportunity for Indigenous people to reconnect: to emphasise connections between ourselves, and our shared connection with the land. This idea of reconnecting with each other and with our land informs everything about The Farm.

Romaine Moreton, Indigenous Writer and Director. Screening the Past, 2011.