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  • Director: Larissa Behrendt
    Writer: Larissa Behrendt
    Producer: John Harvey, Craig Longman
  • Director: Ivan Sen
    Writer: Ivan Sen
    Producer: David Jowsey, Greer Simpkin
  • Director: Erica Glynn, Beck Cole
    Writer: Kiara Milera, Nakkiah Lui, Adam Briggs, Dylan River, Andy Williams, Karen Edwards, Paul Ryan, Steven Oliver, Ian Zaro
    Producer: Kath Shelper, Mark O’Toole
  • Director: Kelrick Martin
    Writer: Kim Scott
    Producer: Melissa Kelly, Kelrick Martin

This is Bunuba country. This country holds stories from long time ago. For man, women, children and country. One story we hold in our hearts. This is Jandamarra’s story. He started a fight, for country, his spirit country, a long time ago against white man. Jandamarra spirit is standing strong, it hasn’t died. All you other people, blackfella, white people, listen to this story for Jandamarra.

Danny Marr in Indigenous Writer, Director and Producer Mitch Torres’ Keepers of the Story: Jandamarra, 2010.